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Shower Curtain Chronicles

Latex painted shower curtains make great, cheap, waterproof banners to display at demonstrations, over freeways or anyplace you want to take it to the anti-gay, anti-Constitution fascists. This blog will feature banners I've made over the years, commentary on the outrages du jour, general observations and accounts of the latest actions by our blog troop as we wield the bathroom accessory cum political billboard.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GOOD FOR AMERICA - Queer Blogging the Excel

The religion reporter for the Star Tribune was nice enough to take our picture this afternoon before she interviewed us. We were situated across Kellogg Blvd. from River Center at the entrance to the main parking ramp, an ideal location for maximum exposure of our message to the queer-hating religious fanatics attending the Family Something Blah Blah Blah conference. Every car that went in from either direction had to pass within twenty feet of us. Some of the attendees found this rather distressing. One woman yelled from her car, "you're a disgrace!" I said, "Bob, did you hear what that woman yelled at you?"
There were many expressions of support from passing motorists and pedestrians. I suspect many of them were on their way to the demonstration sponsored by Outfront that was about two blocks away. We wanted to get over to that rally but we had such a sweet location we just stuck with it.


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