Shower Curtain Chronicles: Awhhhh

Shower Curtain Chronicles

Latex painted shower curtains make great, cheap, waterproof banners to display at demonstrations, over freeways or anyplace you want to take it to the anti-gay, anti-Constitution fascists. This blog will feature banners I've made over the years, commentary on the outrages du jour, general observations and accounts of the latest actions by our blog troop as we wield the bathroom accessory cum political billboard.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Republican legislators were trying to soften their hard edged image at the Capitol today by dressing as "Medi-bears." Having been widely criticized for obstructing health care for the poor and refusing to support health care benefits for the spouses of gay state and municipal workers, Republican's feel they've found a fuzzy, cuddly way to gain greater public acceptance of their health care stands without actually spending any money on health care. Costumes are furnished by the Funeral Directors Association.



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