Shower Curtain Chronicles: Marriage Equality In Minnesota's Future

Shower Curtain Chronicles

Latex painted shower curtains make great, cheap, waterproof banners to display at demonstrations, over freeways or anyplace you want to take it to the anti-gay, anti-Constitution fascists. This blog will feature banners I've made over the years, commentary on the outrages du jour, general observations and accounts of the latest actions by our blog troop as we wield the bathroom accessory cum political billboard.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Marriage Equality In Minnesota's Future

Duane was able to join me after work, last evening at the Capitol for some blogging of the joint session or joint convention as it is sometimes referred to. He held the "MAKE MY FAMILY LEGAL" minicurtain while I held the "LET ME MARRY MY PARTNER OF 16 YEARS" curtain. It was neat to actually have my partner of 16 years there with me.

Rep. Tina Liebling stopped to greet us before she went into the House Chamber and say that she didn't think anything would be done on "this, (pointing to the shower curtain) this session." I hadn't met her before and didn't realize she was a Rep. until she introduced herself and I recognized her name. I think her comment is very interesting. It says that their doing something on "this," meaning marriage equality, MAY not be in the cards this session, but it suggests that their ultimate intention is to implement marriage equality. Let's all let these legislators know that that is exactly what we want.

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