Shower Curtain Chronicles: Live Blog From The Capitol

Shower Curtain Chronicles

Latex painted shower curtains make great, cheap, waterproof banners to display at demonstrations, over freeways or anyplace you want to take it to the anti-gay, anti-Constitution fascists. This blog will feature banners I've made over the years, commentary on the outrages du jour, general observations and accounts of the latest actions by our blog troop as we wield the bathroom accessory cum political billboard.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live Blog From The Capitol

I just had my first run-in of the session with an anti-gay kook in front of the House and oh, she had ALL the answers. This was a person who didn't know the difference between law and her religion. She scolded "You can't get married!" I told her I can in Massachusetts. She responded that "the laws are a bunch of baloney." To which I said, "What kind of an American would make such a statement? This is a nation of laws!" I couldn't resist the opportunity to question the patriotism of a right wing asshole. She started invoking "the church" and I said, " Well I don't believe in your church but I'm just as much a citizen as you are and I should have the same rights!" She frowned and droned the "marriage is for procreation" bullshit, to which I countered, "infertile and eighty year old couple's get married all the time with no intention of ever having children, but I DO know GAY couples with children who can't provide their families the protections that come with legal marriage. Having a limited arsenal, she started blathering about church crap again, with the always accompanying condescending tone, so I simply said, "You're wrong!" and repeated it until she flapped down the hall and out of my hair. These homofascist nut jobs always make it a point to get the last word in and we let them because we're too nice. Not this time.

The security guy came over after she left and commended me for my patience. That surprised me because I didn't feel I was very patient.

Then I saw Pritchard snaking around and someone mentioned it was "national prayer day," so I'm sure it will be kookorama all day here.