Shower Curtain Chronicles: Trial Lawyers Only Voice For Justice In Collapse

Shower Curtain Chronicles

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trial Lawyers Only Voice For Justice In Collapse

Finally someone is seriously talking about finding out whose decisions are responsible for the bridge collapse. Of course, it is an attorney for some of the suing plaintiffs damaged in the collapse, not the people who SHOULD be demanding answers - our representatives in government.

Minneapolis attorney, Jim Schwebel was on the news last night decrying a judge's decision not to allow plaintiff's' inspectors access to the collapse sight. The plaintiffs don't want to have to rely on the word of the very people who may be defendants in the case for their evidence, so they want their own inspectors to view the damage. Quite a reasonable position. But as we know, in the U.S., the law, reason and fairness have nothing to do with the decisions undertaken by those in authority. Schwebel actually dared speak about finding out who made the decisions not to fix the failing bridge!

Republicans, along with the help of their tools in the media, have successfully dampened down any talk of fault with regard to the bridge collapse. The Republicans did this because they are at fault. They've managed to mute the Democrats, with warnings of "politicizing" the issue and of course, as we know all too well, it doesn't take much to mute Democrats. So now just as with the Republicans' stolen elections and illegal war and torture and illegal spying, etc., etc., etc., we should all just "look ahead," not hold anyone accountable and not waste our time dwelling on the past. Well isn't that convenient. Thank goodness we have some element of our system left that functions on behalf of the people...trial lawyers.

This bridge collapse was not a natural thing, it was allowed to happen through decisions to not fix or replace it. And, the very people who made those decisions to allow the bridge to deteriorate to a critical level of deficiency, also decided not to inform the public of the danger they were in while driving on that bridge. At least we have one public voice to remind us of that fact.



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